Igrane Apartments

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Welcome to our Apartments in Igrane – one of the most charming corners of Croatia.

Travel passion and love of beautiful nature led us to create this unique place where travelers from all over the world can feel at home and experience an unforgettable vacation.

Our apartments are more than just a place to stay.

It is a space where Croatian tradition and modernity meet, creating an atmosphere that invites you to relax and explore the place.

Located right on the harbor, 5 meters from the beach, the apartments are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the delights of the Adriatic Sea.


why choose our apartments?

Our apartments are not only a comfortable place to sleep, but also to explore the countless attractions in the area.

We take pride in offering our guests not only comfortable family rooms and rooms with kitchenettes but also a barbecue and a swimming pool.

Our crew are passionate people who will take care of every detail during your stay. We are always here to help you organize your trip, recommending the best eateries and places worth seeing.

Comfort and convenience

The facility was designed with your complete comfort in mind. Every detail, from the elegant furnishings to the cozy atmosphere, has been carefully selected.

Excellent location

Located in the heart of the picturesque village of Igrane, Our Apartments provide easy access to local attractions, beaches
And charming restaurants. It’s a great place to start your adventure in exploring this charming region of Croatia.

Multilingual service

Our staff speaks fluent Polish and English, making communication easy and making you feel at ease during your stay. We are ready to help you with any issues and ensure you have an unforgettable vacation.

Rich amenities

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the entire property for our guests. Family Rooms
and rooms with a kitchenette provide variety and flexibility, adapting to everyone’s needs.

Safety and peace of mind

There is a total ban on smoking on our premises, which ensures fresh and pleasant air. Our place is an oasis of calm where you can relax after a busy day, feeling safe and comfortable.

The undeniable charm of Igrane

Igrane is a picturesque village that captivates with its charm and traditional atmosphere. By choosing our apartments, we invite you to discover the beauty of this magical place. Therefore, if you dream of a vacation that combines exceptional comfort, local charm and excellent service, our apartments are the perfect choice. Come and experience true relaxation surrounded by nature and the beauty of Igrane.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide a comfortable stay in a beautiful location and access to many attractions. Travel passion and love of beautiful nature led us to create this unique place where travelers from all over the world can experience an unforgettable vacation.

We are committed to ensuring that our visitors experience Croatian hospitality while enjoying all that Igrane and its surroundings have to offer.


An experience to remember

At Apartments Igrane we welcome you for an unforgettable trip. Whether you are traveling with family, friends or planning a romantic getaway, we are sure you will have an unforgettable experience. Come, fall in love with the charm of Igrane and the warmth and hospitality of our apartments.


Welcome to our apartments in Igrane, where tranquility and adventure combine to create peaceful moments of relaxation and joy.